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BBC News: Fans in uproar at BBC Breakfast as show SPOILS Bodyguard DEATH ending | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

BBC News: Fans in uproar at BBC Breakfast as show SPOILS Bodyguard DEATH ending | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

BBC Breakfast, which was hosted by Jon Kay, 49, and Louise Minchin, 50, discussed the intensely thrilling drama, Bodyguard, which has gripped the nation. 

They were joined by Hamish Brown, former Metropolitan Police Detective and Scott Bryan, Buzzfeed’s TV Editor on the sofa, who gave their opinions on the theories surrounding the finale.

Both presenters introduced the segment with warnings of spoilers and Jon stated: “Spoiler alert. Don’t say we haven’t warned you,” as well as spoiler alert sign showing up on screen throughout the interview. 

Whilst Louise insisted: “Let’s just be really clear, we don’t know what’s happened [in the finale episode],” but viewers watching were left unimpressed by the show’s choice to explain possible theories and drop spoilers. 

Taking to Twitter, one said: “WTF @BBCBreakfast!! I’ve just turned on the telly ready to watch a bit about #QueenMargaret @rtheathre and caught a spoiler for the last episode of #Bodyguard!!!!! why are you putting stuff like that out before Monday morning?!!! #Spoiler #thanksalot #not.” 

Another commented: “Nevermind a spoiler alert, why are you even talking about it as it’s unaired program #bodyguard.” 

“@BBCBreakfast that was a ridiculously long SPOILER ALERT for the last episode of #Bodyguard What the hell are you playing at there?” A third remarked. 

“I can’t believe @BBCBreakfast is doing a spoiler piece about the next #Bodyguard episode! Surely it’s already popular enough without having to promote it 2 days in advance!” One viewer suggested. 

A fifth wrote: “@BBCBreakfast #bodyguard spoiler (alerted) on! Good grief I’ve switched off. You nearly ruined my Sunday night TV!” 

It came after Louise asked the guests to “talk about the Home Secretary and conspiracy theories surrounding her future, or past”. 

And Scott was keen to explain his thoughts on whether or not she is really dead, and claimed the way Jed Mercurio writes his dramas indicates her definite death. 

“In Line of Duty, normally when he kills off a character, that person isn’t coming back. And I think it would be such a bizarre twist for there to be like ‘surprise, I’m alive!’”

Julia Montague’s (Keeley Hawes) death has been widely reported in the press, to family with official confirmation coming from the hospital staff following her admission. 

She also apparently had a private funeral, which wasn’t seen in any episode, alongside the actress Keeley’s name, not being present in the credits from episode three onwards. 

 Writer and creator, Jed has also added fuel to the fire surrounding the death theory, revealing his private conversations with actress Keeley. 

“Keeley and I were exchanging texts today and we’re kinda enjoying the experience of winding everyone up,” Jed enthused.

“So we’re looking forward to what the reaction will be like on Sunday night.”

Yet he remained tight-lipped about Julia’s existence, refusing to comment on whether she was alive or death during an interview on Newsnight.

Jed said: “I’m going to say what everyone is expecting me to say, which is that you’re just going to have to wait and see.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One and Bodyguard finale airs 9pm on Sunday on BBC One. 


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