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Bill Cosby accusers: ‘Justice is served!’

Bill Cosby accusers: ‘Justice is served!’

Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday. One victim Cosby said the conviction is a u0022victory for womanhood and sexual assault survivors.u0022


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  1. Big Blue

    This has NOTHING to do with MeToo.
    MeToo is a witch hunt that convicts men on accusation only and works outside of the courts.
    This was justice. Charges filed, evidence presented, defense presented, jurisprudence followed, justice served.
    This is how it should be done, not by the court of accusation following the precepts of mob rule on Twitter.

  2. Kodak Black

    terrible . they just want some money. in my opinion (yes im a woman) this is slander on bill's name. how can ppl be so evil yk? i pray that mr. cosby can manage to get through this w the strength of the good lord

  3. ItssJakayla

    Just like someone said in the comment right after he tried to but NBC these accusations came out like why I don’t believe this black man with such positivity did this I DONT BELIEVE it I just don’t and why did this women if this did happen wait 30 or 40 years to say it

  4. highgxrden

    ❝He is innocent❞ that is so naive, you all say that like you actually know, the best of men have done shit like this, someone's dad, someone's uncle, someone's husband — the most least expected people do this, just because he's Bill Cosby doesn't make him innocent, even if they had MORE evidence you all STILL would not believe and call it what? A fake case for the media? Its just all ass kissing, I'm glad he's in prison, worst part I used to love watching his show.

  5. jbentley8383

    So the woman with the afro at 1:07.
    Is she showing a picture of herself naked on that poster or is she showing an picture of the woman talking on the mic.

    I can't really tell because all light-skinned black women with afros look the same….and I'm a black man.

  6. Frankamentise

    It supposedly happened decades ago with 0 evidence. Accusations aren’t evidence. Doesn’t matter how many came forward. That could easily be orchestrated by people who dislike Cosby. They tried/try it with President Trump. All bullshit. Bill Clinton however is another story. Everyone knows he’s a monster-YET people still love him AND his criminal wife.

  7. Ethan Rodriguez

    wtf..justice is done… look. uuu crazy bitchs…just. cause ur sick pervert uncles touch ur ungly ass …doesnt mean all men want too..nope…yuk… i would puke. and keep puking if even get near those ungly ..non.women.fake..globs of nothing that think their pure gods of no sex because they produce A-sexually and so their stupid thinking wont spread to normal..breeding ..male and female humans.. who DO ENJOY SEX AND THE WARMTH OF A AFFECTIONATE TOUCH FROM THEIR OPPISITE SEX…

  8. kurt lowder

    if you hear any men complain about the metoo movement dont be alone with them. the reason they get so angry is they did some shit in the past. the fear cannot help but cause self-centered fear in them that they may be caught. not all of them but enough of them. with 1/3 women being sexually assaulted their are lots of men that face serous consequences.

  9. Marie Bea Kelley

    I don’t give a shit who doesn’t like it I don’t believe Bill Cosby did any of what he’s been accused and convicted of. I know all of this was a sick and disgusting way to destroy Bill Cosby’s amazing legacy. All of the women who accused this man of sexual assault knowing they’re lying will feel the wrath of the Most high God. White America loves to tear down all of us as a Beautiful, Strong, Black people. The truth will eventually come to light. In Jesus Christ name.Amen.

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