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Bill Whittle on Kanye West: If Democrats Don’t Get At Least 85% Of The Black Vote, They Will Never Win Again | Video

Bill Whittle on Kanye West: If Democrats Don’t Get At Least 85% Of The Black Vote, They Will Never Win Again | Video

Bill Whittle talks about Kanye West, the black vote, and the future of the Democratic Party:

BILL WHITTLE: Hip-hop artist and cultural superstar Kanye West committed the ultimate sin… He has openly praised Donald Trump, and the left is acting as if the world is coming to an end. Because the world is coming to an end — their world, anyway.

Kanye West won his left-wing street cred when he made an off-the-cuff remark during a live television appearance for Hurricane Katrina relief back in 2005.

Like him or loathe him, and there is no middle ground with Kanye, he is arguably the most influential voice in music in the world. Young blacks love Kanye’s music, and young white, Asians, and Hispanics all around the planet try their best to dress, talk, sing like Kanye West has moral credibility…

So, since it is obvious to everyone with intelligence and social conscience that the only people who support Donald Trump are aging white racists, the reason the left is melting down over this is they are having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to turn this guy into [a racist].

Chance the Rapper, another hip-hop artist who also is a closeted old white male racist, apparently, stepped on a nuclear rake when he said that “black people don’t have to be Democrats.” Oh yes, they do!

If Democrats don’t get at least 85% of the black vote, they will never win national office again.

Let me say that again: If black people decide they don’t have to be Democrats, the Democratic Party simply ceases to exist.

That’s why enormous pressure was put on Chance the Rapper to recant his thought crime, and he did. Even more pressure was put on Kanye to take back his pro-Trump tweets, which to his ever-lasting credit is something Kanye has steadfastly refused to do, and that includes a death threat.

Kanye says he likes the way Candace Owens thinks, I do too… Careful sleuthing has revealed that Kanye West listens to Jordan Peterson, and as I write this, I discovered that he has quoted the smartest man on Planet Earth, Thomas Sowell. Kanye West quoted Thomas Sowell.

Kanye West has 28 million Twitter followers, 28 million people just heard from Thomas Sowell. And of the 28 million, I’m guessing the number who had never heard of Thomas Sowell before was about 28 million.

That means that Kanye has to renounce his conservative thought crimes, he just has to.

Kanye West has given people permission to like Donald Trump. This influential pop icon who listens to Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens and Thomas Sowell, that gives anyone who’s ever heard of Kanye West permission to listen to them too.

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