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Body of missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts believed to be found

Body of missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts believed to be found

Officials are determining if a body found in rural Iowa is that of Mollie Tibbetts, the 20-year-old University of Iowa student who went missing July 18.
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  1. Robert Brown

    so….there was a guy, that claimed that he was possibly the last person to see her alive….he saw her almost at the same time …everyday….and then, she went missing….he didn't know it was HER……….yet, the videos keep saying everyone knew everyone…………..AND if brooklyn iowa, was her hometown….and the guy lived there also………….??????????…..does anyone see where i am going with this????????????????

  2. Thomas Darem

    Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an illegal hispanic immigrant Christian Rivera. Mollie Tibbetts was also a democrat who wrote on her twitter "I hate white people". Make America Great and build the wall, or be another white hating liberal getting murdered by mexicans 🙂

  3. Steve Turowski

    They should treat him the way his country treats their prisoners.He should have no rights here.scumbag killed a beautiful college woman, and made her family members suffer while they were looking for her.Give this piece of shit the death penalty stop housing these people that will never be any good.

  4. ozzy eMate

    When you see people standing outside looking for work and we know what I mean call the police. When you see people like this hanging outside home Center is looking for work call the police and tell the home center if these people don't move you had purchased anything from them we are at war do not doubt that we are at war with the system in this country and the swap that supports it


    Her Twitter account shows posts that she hated white people. She was friends with this guy on Facebook. When will you Socialist Communists understand that your political beliefs of muh diversity are going to eventually kill you?

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