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Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star lashes out at food chain online | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star lashes out at food chain online | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Carol Kirkwood branded Domino’s Pizza “rubbish” when they took almost two hours to deliver food to her friend’s home.

The BBC Breakfast reporter blasted the takeaway giant on Twitter, claiming their telephone line was constantly engaged.

She fumed: “Staying with friends, who ordered a pizza over an hour ago. You have taken their money… where is the pizza?

“Your phone line is permanently engaged? Not good enough.”

Responding to Carol, Domino’s Pizza replied: “Sorry to hear this. Please report this to our team so they can look into this for you.”

Seemingly unsatisfied with their apology, 56-year-old Carol raged: “[I] would do if they ever answered the phone.”

Complaining about the quality of the food, she continued: “Pizza took nearly two hours to arrive and 49 phone calls… none of which were answered.

“Rubbish! When pizza arrived it was cold! Not good enough!”

Fans of the well-known broadcaster sympathised with her, with one tweeting: “Noting worse than cold pizza.”

Another added: “That’s not funny at all that happened to me and when it did arrive I complained to the delivery chap and twenty minutes later five pizzas arrived an an apology.”

A third said: “Goodness! I feel like you upset Carol Kirkwood, you need to be thoroughly ashamed and seriously look into reevaluating your life choices!”

Someone else shared: “What poor service, I think you need to get Steph [McGovern] to look into this, she will help you. This is not good enough for my favourite BBC presenter.”

A fifth commentator added: “If you are ever in a fight Carol I’m on your side. Can’t imagine what you would say if they had picked the phone up.”

Another emphasised: “I feel for you Carol. I went for a quick spot of lunch and after nearly an hour gave up… so frustrating. It was’t even that busy.”

One user used the opportunity to ask Carol out on a cheeky date, with the person offering: “How about I take you to dinner, instead of the cold pizza?”

Carol’s online outburst is unusual, as the radio presenter is often upbeat and cheerful while covering her weather segment on BBC Breakfast.

The TV personality first joined the corporation in 1999 after working for The Weather Channel for a few years.

She is a regular on the morning programme and has won the weather presenter of the year award nine times.

The reporter has also appeared on BBC News, BBC World News, BBC News at Six and The Victoria Derbyshire show.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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