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Democratic lawmakers erupt in ‘USA’ chant on House floor

Democratic lawmakers erupt in ‘USA’ chant on House floor

Democratic lawmakers erupted into a “USA!” chant on the House floor during a push to provide election security grants to states.

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  1. Greg True

    He trying to get the democrats fired up but the voters don't care about Russia. They can get fired up but it just a show if it don't make voters get out and vote. Most voters care about jobs and the economy. Not Russian hysteria. Lmao!

  2. ThatLadyDray

    SMH the political gang wars is getting beyond old. The "left" blames the "right" & vice versa but MEANWHILE both sides benefit while we're STILL waiting for needed improvements across the board. I just don't get it. IDK anyone who works in the private sector that gets to approve their OWN raises, benefits, & healthcare, are allowed to basically not get even HALF of the work done, drag on FOREVER trying to get things done, & STILL get to keep their jobs. However THIS isn't their fault. It's ours for continuing to allow the crap to continue but as long as people keep looking at things for the label (democrats or republicans) VS the actual ingredients (the way they voted, bills introduced, etc) it's going to be this way. SSDD basically.

  3. J A

    Democrats trying to defend democracy while conservatives are happy to let it die. Russia meddles in our elections, and all Republicans will do is criticise Democrats. If side with Russian on this, you're a traitor in my book. If we don't stand up for fair elections now, we'll never have them again. Maybe that's what conservatives want. Makes sense, they can't win an election without the electoral college, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and now Russian hacking. Dems are finally showing some backbone, and Republicans can't handle it. Can't wait for the deplorables to post hilarious, unrelated comments about Hillary and Obama! 😂

  4. SONIX

    Democrats have become Republicans. Democrats have become nationalist socialists aka nazis. Oh the irony. What is this world coming to…

    And how many of these Democrats have been bought by Israel and are advancing Israel's agenda and interests

  5. Sky Gravity

    At least the Democrats are ever so slightly better than the Republicans. Sadly not by much though. Down with both of them, both parties allowed this to happen and neither party has done anything substantial to change the situation that allowed it. Don't let them trick you into thinking you have to vote one or the other next time. People who liked Bernie should have voted for him anyway because voting for Hillary in his place was worse than a waste.

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