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Don Cherry, Inge Borkh, and Other Voices

Don Cherry, Inge Borkh, and Other Voices

I seem to be specializing in desserts this week — at least where photos are concerned. Yesterday, I had a post called “The Lure of Pie,” which had to do with economics, politics, and society. (Is an economy a pie? Is a society?) That picture above, of cherries jubilee, has to do with my latest Jaywalking, here. I talk about the usual range of issues, including funerals, language, and baseball.

At the end, I say a few words about Don Cherry, the late singer and golfer. He wrote a memoir called “Cherry’s Jubilee: Singin’ and Swingin’ through Life with Dino and Frank, Arnie and Jack” (i.e., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus). I play a bit of his hit song from 1955, “Band of Gold.” It is not to be confused with the Freda Payne hit of 1970, also “Band of Gold,” a funky number. The 1955 song was written by Jack Taylor and Bob Musel. Years later, it was used in the TV series Mad Men.

Giving equal time to opera singers, I play a bit of Inge Borkh, the great German soprano, who, like Don Cherry, recently died. I’m not sure whether she played golf — I doubt it. In any case, I’ll never forget the way Sir Georg Solti described her: “A beast. A Teutonic Callas.”

So, if you don’t like something in this Jaywalking — as in all of them — just wait a minute or two, until something more pleasing comes along . . .

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