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Fall TV 2018: New and Returning Shows to Watch

Fall TV 2018: New and Returning Shows to Watch

WILL SMITH: THE JUMP (YouTube, Sept. 25) Mr. Smith bungee jumps from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on his birthday. The live broadcast, which one hopes doesn’t become a series, will be carried on his YouTube channel.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS (ABC, Sept. 26) Kind of like “This Is Us” if it were set in Boston, focused on four male friends (played by Ron Livingston, David Giuntoli, Romany Malco and James Roday) rather than a family and had a greater appetite for punch lines.

EXETER (Sundance Now, Sept. 27) Evoking the days of radio drama — largely dormant in the United States since the mid-1980s — this six-episode scripted podcast stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ray McKinnon as detectives in a South Carolina town. For streaming video, the podcast will be accompanied by what’s known as dynamic captioning, a process in which traditional closed captions can be typographically tweaked and moved around the screen.

THE COOL KIDS (Fox, Sept. 28) Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Martin Mull and Leslie Jordan try to recapture some of that “Golden Girls” magic as the four feistiest residents of the Shady Meadows retirement home, in a throwback sitcom created by the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor and writer Charlie Day and Paul Fruchbom.

KING LEAR (Amazon, Sept. 28) It used to be that seeing a great actor’s Lear meant a trip to London or one of the Stratfords. Now it means an Amazon Prime subscription. Richard Eyre’s new BBC adaptation, cut to two hours and set in the present, stars Mr. Hopkins and surrounds him with a high-powered cast including Emma Thompson, Emily Watson, Jim Broadbent and Andrew Scott. (And, for the “Outlander” fans, Tobias Menzies as Cornwall.)

LAST MAN STANDING (Fox, Sept. 28) Still standing, in its seventh season, on a new network.

GOD FRIENDED ME (CBS, Sept. 30) From Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt’s shared resume as writer-producers — “Gotham,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “CSI: NY” — you wouldn’t expect them to create a feel-good fantasy-mystery about an atheist podcaster who starts getting friend requests from God. (Does God check in from heaven? So many questions.) But here it is, starring Brandon Micheal Hall of “The Mayor” and blessed with Joe Morton as the unbeliever’s pastor father.

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