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George and Barbara Bush: A love for all time

George and Barbara Bush: A love for all time

Former President George Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush were married longer than any other presidential couple. Their kind of love is forever.


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  1. SuperHeart Dot Org 2020

    WAIT A SECOND… Didn’t her CIA husband kill JFK and her son cause 9/11? Poor woman… Not an easy life… She did as much as she could for women and children to fight her inner secret guilt… I LOVE THE USA and hope the next 100 years will be as MILLIE would have wanted… We love and miss her already… However… She must finally be at PEACE!!! 💪❤️ #RIP #RIPmillie

  2. Dom Dukes

    This woman’s family is directly responsible for the death of millions of people and the world would’ve been a much better place if her ancestors had been wiped out with the Black Plague… It’s incredible that anybody sympathizes at all for this family. If you do sympathize for them, I have a question for you, did you sympathize for the families of all the children in the middle east that died because of wars that the Bush’s initiated based on lies? Imagine how great the world could be if the Bush family and all families like theirs disappeared from earth.

  3. Zachary Coombs

    Whatever our political views on here are life is precious I lost my uncle this year he died of a heart attack he was 51 my grandfather 97 he died a week later cruel world it's not easy hold your loved ones closer sometimes life will hit you so hard that you are unprepared for it

  4. Kelly KitKat

    It's like history, but at the same time, people. Mass media does that now, more so than before.

    You point a camera, and you immediately take yourself out of "the space" – ever notice that? I guess one does that, with or without a camera. Do you study a scene, or feel a part of it, connected?

    Could any live during those few years comprising WW2 (1939-1945 : 6 years) – in America or Europe – without being aware that there was a war going on ; not be personally affected by it?

  5. pico1000_4

    After actress Heather Lind accused former President George H. W. Bush of sexual harassment, five other women have since come forward with their own experiences with Bush, all of which involving him groping their buttocks during photo shoots. One being 16 years old at the time.

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