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Israel to Hold Early Elections in April

Israel to Hold Early Elections in April

JERUSALEM — The leaders of the parties in Israel’s governing coalition announced on Monday that they would dissolve Parliament and that the country would hold elections in early April.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is expected to run for a fourth consecutive term in office, and a fifth over all, had previously said he wanted the government to complete its full term, which was scheduled to end in November 2019.

But Mr. Netanyahu’s government has been increasingly beleaguered since the hard-line defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, resigned and pulled his party from the governing coalition last month, leaving it with a majority of just one seat in the 120-seat Parliament.

Mr. Netanyahu has been further weakened by the fact he faces possible bribery charges in three corruption cases. The attorney general is expected to decide by the spring whether to prosecute him, and if so, on what charges.

The announcement about the dissolution of Parliament came after a meeting to discuss a brewing crisis over a law to regulate the enlistment of ultra-Orthodox men in the military, ostensibly the reason for the breakdown of the government.

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