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Life Without Abortions Brings Us Back to Biblical Times

Life Without Abortions Brings Us Back to Biblical Times

According to Lauren Sandler, opinion columnist for Huffington Post, conservative’s “source document for understanding the rights of Americans is not the Constitution, but the New Testament.” She believes they use this document to force women to submit to their husbands and have babies.

Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, although not a evangelical Christian, is a “thriving alumnus of President George W. Bush’s administration, the same administration that “best understood the vigorous political power of cultural conservatives.” He, and other conservative Christians in politics are demanding that “their beliefs be honored as the rule of law.”

Sandler claims that “the evangelicals who form a minority of our country but the solid rock of the Republican base” understand gender roles by Ephesians 5:22, “wives, submit to your husband as to the lord.” Sandler interpretes the verse to mean that “women are not to be trusted” and the men in women’s lives must “draw the shape of our [their] futures and govern whether we [they] grow, birth, suckle and raise children.” Because women can’t think for themselves.

This verse “vibrate[s] through the two most relevant cases to Kavanaugh’s — and our — possible future relationship to Roe v. Wade.” Because all that matters to conservatives is “how Kavanaugh interprets the prudence of precedence.” She believes that Kavanaugh, and the pro-life organizations that support him want to “strip women of agency and give our men de facto power of attorney over our bodies, ourselves.“ Calling The Federalist Society a “group that wants to throw human rights back to the feral back alleys of the states.”

If pro-lifers get Roe v. Wade reversed “it would create two separate classes of women of childbearing age: ones who can legally plan their families, and ones who can’t.” Or to conservative Christians “those who live under the righteous dominion of a husband, and those who don’t.”

Women should have the right to kill their children. What about the father’s right to raise the child?

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