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Love Island 2018: Contestant hits out at Ellie Brown over Alex romance | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Love Island 2018: Contestant hits out at Ellie Brown over Alex romance | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Former Love Island star Chyna Ellis believes the pair’s romance isn’t real, and admits she thinks Ellie is not actually interested in the A&E doctor.

The 23-year-old, who appeared on the ITV2 dating show last year, believes the blonde beauty is with Alex for a “safe option” to win the show.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “I think she [Ellie] knows that it’s just a safe option, if she could have it, she would be with Wes [Nelson], 100 per cent.

“I think she thinks he [Alex] is a nice guy, but for some reason I just don’t believe it.”

When asked further if she believes Ellie is coupled up with Alex, 27, in a bid to win the £50,000 prize money, she replied: “Yes, probably,” adding: “I think she did [friend zone] Wes because it is awkward for her with Laura [Anderson].

She added: “It is very intimidating when you go in there and the girls act very territorial towards you, so you do kind of take a step back. Even if you kind of like someone, you take a step back at times because the atmosphere in the villa has been very intense.”

Alex picked Ellie to be his on-screen partner in a recouping session last week following a date with the blonde beauty.

In tonight’s episode, Ellie sought advice from Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer after having second thoughts about Alex.

He was also seen talking to his fellow housemates about her antics, calling her “rude” before having a heated exchange with her. 

Meanwhile, Chyna hit out at Adam Collard, 22, who has so far been coupled up with former contestant Kendall Rae-Knight, Rosie Williams and is currently with Zara McDermott.

He was recently criticised for his behaviour towards Rosie after he ditched her for new girl Zara.

She said: “He is being a player and is 100 per cent playing the game, but I feel like when you are in there and you don’t have a connection with someone, you do have to move on quite quickly because you don’t have a connection with them.

“At least he is being honest, and is like, ‘Well, I don’t actually fancy you.’

“The way he handled the situation wasn’t appropriate, he could have been a bit nicer about it, he is quite c***sure of himself.”

Addressing Rosie and Adam’s fiery confrontation, which saw Rosie in tears and Adam smirking, she added: “That was just rude, he comes across rude and arrogant, he does need to be told.

“I feel like he is the type of person that, when it comes to confrontation, he can’t handle it very well.

“And that’s why he acts the way he acts, but he is pretty rude and arrogant and I don’t particularly like him. I wouldn’t want to date him on the outside, that’s for sure.”

Chyna, who coupled up briefly with Kem Cetinay last year, also revealed none of the men this year are her type.

When asked who she would couple up with, she replied: “You know what, there are no guys who have taken to my fancy this year if I am being honest, so I would probably have to couple up with them on a friendship basis. So probably someone like Wes or Jack.

“I don’t really like Eyal Booker or Adam. I think the new boy [Sam Bird] going in will cause drama though. He is good looking and I fancy him.”

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