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Love Island 2018 Jack Fincham QUITS over Dani Dyer lie detector row? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Love Island 2018 Jack Fincham QUITS over Dani Dyer lie detector row? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

bosses put the couples through their paces with a lie detector test that saw Jack fail a few of Dani’s questions.

Dani tried to get to the bottom of the “lies” by confronting Jack with further questions later in the episode.

However, Dani stormed off after Jack defended himself, noting: “You’re stewing over something that hasn’t even happened!”

In a new teaser trailer for tomorrow night’s episode, Jack can be seen getting advice on how to deal with the situation from his fellow islanders.

But it appears Jack can’t take the stresses of the show any longer, himself storming out mid-conversation, stating: “I’m done with this!”

Viewers instantly took to social media following the row.

One viewer tweeted: “The whole of the UK not knowing if Jack and Dani are going to be okay…”

“Feel like I am way too invested in Jack and Dani relationship, I just want them to get on #LoveIsIand,” posted another.

A third said: “I can’t handle watching Jack and Dani argue like this #LoveIsland.”

“Why is Love Island trying to ruin Dani and Jack!? First they send in his ex, send a video to Dani and now this lie detector! I can’t cope!! #LoveIsland,” noted another.

Fans of the show did not stop there and even threatened to boycott the programme after Jack and Dani’s relationship hit the rocks.

One viewer tweeted: “Omg if that lie detector has broke up Jack and Dani I’m boycotting Love Island forever.”

“If this lie detector f**ks s**t up between Jack and Dani relationship I’ll kick off #LoveIsland,” fumed another.

A third raged: “Can u believe #loveisland has mugged us off like that. There are only a few days LEFT AND JACK AND DANI ARE FALLING OUT? CANCELLED.”

“This lie detector is absolutely brutal. If they break Jack and Dani up then this I’m gonna boycott the show #LoveIsland,” warned another.

A fifth posted: “IF the love island producers f**k Jani up, from this moment forward I’ll boycott the show #loveisland.”

“Naaa I’m not having it. Boycott Love Island #loveisland,” added another.

continues tomorrow on 2 at 9pm.

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