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Monitoring System for Diabetes Requires No Blood

Monitoring System for Diabetes Requires No Blood

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a diabetes glucose-monitoring system from a company called Dexcom Inc. to check blood sugar levels in children and adults. But this is no ordinary monitoring device — the G6, as it’s called, can read blood sugar without any blood, meaning zero finger-pricking. A sensor is applied to the skin via an applicator — all of which is pain-free. Once the sensor is applied to the skin, it sends readings to an app on your smartphone. The app, available on iOS and most Android devices, allows continuous reading.

According to information posted on Dexcom’s website, the app has a feature called “Urgent Low Soon” that warns users in advance of a dangerous low glucose reading, 55 mg/dL, that provides an invaluable tool for accurate tracking. The system rules out other alerts that may not be as important. Alerts and alarms are fully customizable for different times of the day — alerts that notify you when you are low or high.

Data can be sent to five other people, important for parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. The G6 is available with a prescription and is covered by most insurance plans. The G6 can also be used in addition to traditional monitoring devices, which can provide a backup or double-check. Dexcom’s G6 will be widely available in June 2018 the company says.

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