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New Zealand Prime Minister provides shooting update: New Zealand's Prime Minister gives an update…

New Zealand Prime Minister provides shooting update: New Zealand's Prime Minister gives an update…

Shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday resulted in at least 49 fatalities and the detention of three armed suspects, one charged with murder, in what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called a terrorist attack.

As news of the tragedy broke, video also surfaced on social media of a gunman opening fire inside one of the mosques.

Authorities say the planned attacks happened at two mosques in the city. Police also defused explosive devices found in a car. More than 45 people were being treated for gunshot injuries at a nearby hospital.

A man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left a manifesto, saying he was a racist who had been planning the attack for two years.


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  1. Anton Schutte

    I truly believe that cowardly acts such as this should be condemned world wide… i also believe that we should be equally outraged at the daily violence against minorities in South Africa, the indiscriminate murder of pedestrians by purposeful targeting with vehicles, the increase in knife wielding gangs in UK cities, and the usurping of the Law Of The Land and supplanting with sharia law. I would also like to see the daily outpouring of outrage of moderate leaders, such as Cardinals, Imams, Rabbi's and politicians. Too often we find that once off incidents, such as this horrific attack, grabs the limelight, while daily, regular, almost expected, murders elsewhere are no longer "sensational" and therefore ignored.

  2. Victor Johnson

    This massacre was made possible by the decades of divisive hate speech spewed by the USA Today and other so called "main stream media" propaganda outlets that spew identity blame-game rhetoric to advance their globalist corporate Nazi agenda!

  3. Kristin R Adams

    I'm so sorry this happened to such a loving and beautiful community and country! My heart and prayers are with you all. Sending all my love and thoughts with the victims, families, police and first responders. Much love always from Texas.

  4. Awakened Saxon

    The REAL VICTIMS of this Mosque shooting are the INNOCENT nationalists who always disavow violence, whose legitimate political aspirations will be the target of further censorship with tragedies like these as pretext. If nationalists weren't treated so poorly things like this wouldn't happen, we must look at the context of the situation, what provoked this man to commit this act?

  5. Hercules G

    Never let a good massacre go to waste, guns will be outlawed. They are outraged that one idiot killed 50 people where in the middle east they bomb the shit out of thousands daily. Hypocrite! NZ has blood on its hands!

  6. InfantryRd1

    "Gun Free Zones" are doing exactly what Leftists designed. To attract homicidal murderers to commit mass sacrificial slaughter of unarmed civilians. They then exploit these predictable tragedies for their left wing disarmament propaganda. Media coverage is intended not to inform, but to inspire other killers. Totally evil. Governments want all your guns citizens!.

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