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'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister after shooting

New Zealand Prime Minister said the country’s gun laws will change after the mosque shootings that left 49 dead.

Shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday resulted in at least 49 fatalities and the detention of three armed suspects, one charged with murder, in what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called a terrorist attack.

As news of the tragedy broke, video also surfaced on social media of a gunman opening fire inside one of the mosques.

Authorities say the planned attacks happened at two mosques in the city. Police also defused explosive devices found in a car. More than 45 people were being treated for gunshot injuries at a nearby hospital.

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  1. There Their They're

    Wow, love their STRICT gun laws, how is that working out in your SAFE SPACE? Oh, what's that, 49 shot and responce time of 15 minutes by the police, arriving well after the nightmare is over? And this lunitic wants more gun laws, really?

  2. James Durden

    Your restrictive gun laws didn’t stop this one and they won’t stop the next one. Only good folks with guns can stop evil when it arrives at the door. You needn’t restrict the rights of your lawfully abiding citizens.

  3. C W

    This is all fake news. No muslim nor any black person has ever been killed in the history of the Earth it's all fake. We all know but some of us won't admit that is impossible to kill a Muslim or a black person because of the Van Allen belts and that every supposed death reported of a Muslim or a black person was something filmed by mr. Kubrick on a soundstage in the Arizona desert. Also because we all know that the Earth is flat we know that any crime against a Muslim or a black person would be impossible to commit because of the shape of the Earth. You people are all believing these reports and being led like sheep to the slaughter. This never happened that's all been made up by the Illuminati are the same people that stage the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks

  4. Joseph Koester

    I thought I heard that it was a good guy with a gun that drove the shooter out of one of the mosques? If your gun laws were more restrictive, it's possible that more people would have died, because criminals can always get guns illegally.

  5. John Dough

    Another confused snowflake. You people need to understand that violence is a part of life. Instead of trying to get rid of the guns, you people need to wake up and realize that this kind of shit is very real and it's everywhere. You cannot stop it. Learn from it and get ready for the next one. Of course there's gonna be another one! It's what we do. Aren't humans wonderful? Our technology is off the charts. As far as our mental growth? Not so much. That's exactly why we're never gonna figure it out. It was simply New Zealand's turn. Tomorrow it'll be some other fucked up continent. This chick is showing the essence of red tape. More verbal gibberish. Humans, devistated from their own bullshit. …lol… 😆

  6. Douglas Brenner

    Maybe instead of changing gun laws your government should stop supporting people that use terrorism for political gain. New Zealand sponsored UN resolution 2334 that contended that Jerusalem was "Palestinian" land even though Jews had lived there for thousands of years. Kind of ironic from a country that in the very recent past subjugated and colonized (ie. stole the land) the native Maori population. Maybe you should all move back to England and turn the country back to the Maoris.

  7. mysock351C

    Gee, who saw that one coming? New gun laws… Seems to be another chip off the old socialist block: Mass shooting takes place. Media and government ignore all of the predisposing factors (mass immigration, political tension, etc.) and blather on and on about solidarity, etc. Then government vows to pass ever stricter gun laws. Next mass shooter obtains an illegal weapon, and carries out another act of violence. Rinse, repeat.

  8. Eli S

    All I've got to say it's extremely obvious that this woman has abused some hard drugs in her life, looks like she's already fried her poor little brain from years and years of tweaking

  9. Billy

    Some of the strictest gun laws on earth didn't stop him, he even said he used guns instead is explosives to manipulate leftist and the leftist give him exactly what he wanted.

  10. Chris belcastro

    It's no coincidence that the terror attack happened in New Zealand because New Zealand and Australia treasonous government officials were helping with the Deep State out in America with their Terror attacks using the five eyes spying program it's all in the fisa report that will be coming out soon these criminals won't be running around much longer

  11. dederded

    Stricter gun laws has never hindered anyone from getting a gun, other than law abiding citizens. If a person with bad intentions wants a gun, they will get one. Even if you, somehow, got rid of all of your guns, they would just get a large truck and run it thru a crowd of people… if someone wants to terrorize a group of people, nothing will stop them…..

  12. Chaas Haas

    Anyone can be a sane law abiding individual and get along in society until something inside them snaps and they go crazy. Traumatic events happen and if you are alone and have no one to listen to u and talk u through it you can go off the deep end pretty quick people need to be more social with each other across all cultures so people can understand what each other are going through and help them get through it with as many perspectives as possible we could achieve amazing things instead of holding all of it on the inside and not sharing we will be doomed to make the same mistakes

  13. Brucev7

    "ICYMI: 120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – MEDIA SILENT" 

    As media outlets across the world bring you the minute-by-minute updates of the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand, those same outlets have been mostly silent on the recent mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by muslim herdsmen. Those attacks have resulted in 120 dead and 140 homes burned to the ground.


  14. Mingjian Zhang

    Get rich, so that people are less willing to do destructive stuff. I mean your iconic church in Christchurch is still a ruin after earthquake (You are called Christchurch for a reason), why is NZ counted as a developed country if you can't fix stuff?

  15. tongmaa

    Of course, the first thing a politician does, is blame some inanimate object for crime, and effectively denying the right to self-defense; in an already firearms repressive nation. Perhaps, if the mosque worshippers had effective self-defense available, the insane killer (the real criminal and not the mean to do his murders; if not even an axe, or samurai sword, then a knife or club to kill, maim and terrorize. So, the "government" promises to terrorize honest and upright citizens and make them defenseless in the face of criminals, people and not guns, who don't care about the "rules" and will use any weapon available to do their murderous will.

    And, what is worse? Stupid, ignorant and unthinking public who blames guns and not the people who do the crime … you poor excuses for being Homo sapiens, sapiens when you are no such thing as intelligent! Wanna-be communal, read communists, jerks who think with their fear and not their reason.

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