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Protesters don’t let up after Kavanaugh is confirmed

Protesters don’t let up after Kavanaugh is confirmed

After multiple arrests and hours of chanting, protesters kept up their fight even after the newly sworn justice, Brett Kavanaugh, left the Supreme Court.


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  1. Oddly Wired

    The kitchen is closed dante dmc. The women are out standing up for their rights against those who have failed to respect them. Make your own sandwich.

  2. Flack Cat

    Excellent, Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed. Now November mid-terms, got to vote the delusional Democrats out of office. So no matter which state you live in, get out and vote Republican in November.

  3. Claudy TheArtist

    Relax my fellow Progressives! Kavanaugh and Gorsuch will have very short times on the Supreme Court because once Robert Mueller’s Investigation proves Trump’s Conspiracy with the Murderer Dictator Putin for the presidency, everything “Trump” will be reversed because a criminally obtained office can have no rewards especially seating the Supreme Court… Just because Mueller added 17 Prosecutors doesn’t mean Guilty but of course, it may… stay tuned

  4. Alpha Omega

    Can't wait for these women to go after Bill Clinton…Oh wait I forgot he's a liberal. So they won't since the protesting leaders of this so-called protest works for the same George Soros that funds the Clintons

  5. Titi Dequeker

    Lol these people call themselves feminists because they're "oppressed", did they just forget you need evidence to convict someone of rape? Not an unbacked claim even the FBI couldn't confirm. Go to the middle east please.

  6. Who's Your Daddy?

    LOL…Yeah…raise your angry fist! Tuesday the HONORABLE JUDGE KAVANAUGH will have his first day on the Supreme Court! So put that in your crazy-ass liberal pipe and smoke it while you're anti-constitutional rights buddies all try to make bail! LOL!

  7. Genesis event10000

    We aren't letting up either on the right and you can best believe we won't forget this come November. We won't forget all the underhanded things that Democrats have done. We're going to let this ride us all the way to the voting polls.

  8. ken rice

    The MSM continues to try to paint the country as being severely divided when in fact it is the left that pouts in the corner and refuses to grow up and act like adults. They will be damned before they will come towards the center and share in the common values of our country. They are acting petulant. It is quite off putting.

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