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Santa Fe school shooting one of America’s deadliest

Santa Fe school shooting one of America’s deadliest

The shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas is not only the latest school shooting, but it’s also one of the deadliest in modern U.S. history.


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  1. Terra Plana

    Nice of USA TODAY, to show some of the other hoax I have looked at in depth. Sandy Hook in particular is still going on , and is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill! When will people stop accepting money and hurting their fellow human beings. Peace.

  2. Alex xeon

    Wow a few shootings, most taking place within the last decade(hint feminism “dieversity” cultural Marxism degeneration of family single mothers etc). Clearly guns are a massive problem.

  3. Rairasen

    Excuse me, 10 people does not make it a mass shooting, nor the most deadly. It means the guy didn't do his job well enough…..But in all seriousness, I see Virginia Tech on there. Stop acting as if that wasn't the deadliest one. Stop glorifying this kid's shooting because it'll only inspire more. All that this shows, is how easily we throw the term "deadliest" around and promote it.

  4. Google Name

    And yet your kid has a greater chance of dying doing a billion other things than being in a school shooting. Nice try USA Today. Push that agenda.

    “Every Hollywood actor that hates guns has armed bodyguards defending them. So they hate guns unless the guns are defending them.” – Rand Paul

  5. Lisa Velasquez

    The minute we make having license exams and insurance requirements for most gun owners is the minute these mass shootings will rapidly decline. Not one citizen should ever be allowed to carry a semi-automatic weapon without passing a written and physical exam (vision, too) AND acquiring liability insurance, just as with automobiles.

  6. T C

    The only thing that stopped the shooter was police on scene when the shooting started. Gun control is not the answer. Armed good guys to protect our children is the answer. he would have killed much more than 10 if the police werent already at the school.

  7. My Name Is Yes

    Anytime a school shooting happens, I cry. Because I live in Connecticut and the Sandy Hook Elementary School is in Connecticut. I remember I was in kindergarten when it happened. I didn’t even know what a gun was. I was in SGS at the time (sadly it closed) my mom drive to school and hugged me so hard. The police officers came too.

  8. BOB

    mass shootings and specifically school shootings are a rare occurrence that is so over reported in the media that its quite common to see imbeciles comment "just another day in america" or "the USA has a school shooting weekly". if you want to talk gun control its quite foolish to use mass shootings as justification because they are so insignificant from a statistical analysis. if the goal is to lessen the murders then look at the total gun murder number of 11,000 instead of the 50 or so people killed in mass shootings per year. only talking about mass shooting victims implies they matter more than the other 10,950 gun homicide victims per year. if you want to lessen gun homicide and banning specific guns achieves that goal then clearly handguns should be banned since they are used in 60% of mass shootings and the vast majority of total gun homicide. handguns are used in 7,105 homicides per year, rifles are used in 250-374 per year. logically if banning guns solves the issue then rifles should almost never be mentioned and they should focus on handguns.

  9. BigLeftToe

    Let's think logically here for a second. This never used to happen over and over. This is because kids could only see the news in the paper or tv and it would be very brief. Now they have smart phones and get alerts. The media needs to stop MILKING these shootings because it's giving kids ideas and creating copy cats. It is ESPECIALLY worse now because the news will PLASTER the shooters name and picture EVERYWHERE and talk about it for weeks which is only inspiring other psychopaths to want to commit the same act trying to get their name on the front of everyone's tv screen.

  10. TA HA


  11. XaZa

    Its not a gun problem, i could kill people with almost anything if i wanted to, chemicals, rocks, knives, explosives, my hands, you get the idea, im not saying i would, im saying its possible

  12. Scott inohio

    Another shooter walked through a main entrance carrying a long gun and maybe explosives,UNCHALLENGED!!!!! DUH!!!! Who are the idiots in charge of security at these schools??? Yep,banning guns will fix it,it surely stopped drugs!!!!

  13. NawbzOfficial

    This is ANOTHER sad day. I work with guys from Mexico and they think all American schools are bad (crime-wise) like in their hometowns, I told them it's obviously not every school, the news just makes it seem that way.

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