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‘Taking Up Arms Is Women’s Only Recourse’

‘Taking Up Arms Is Women’s Only Recourse’

AMC’s Dietland has been a goldmine for feminist propaganda these past few weeks, and the latest episode is no exception. The June 25 episode “Plum Tuckered” introduces the surprising development of the murderous feminist group Jennifer taking the life of its first female victim.

Before that, however, we hear a number of even more surprising defenses for the group’s violent tendencies towards men. We’ve heard the demands from their manifesto, we’ve seen the murders they’ve committed against men accused of sex crimes, but now we’re listening to the main characters argue in support of their deadly use of force.

First up, we have media mogul Kitty Montgomery (Julianna Margulies) discuss her decision to publish Jennifer’s manifesto. Although she uses the news for personal gain, she’s only willing to throw fuel on the proverbial fire set by these extremists. To her, it’s only logical that women are “finally fighting back with deadly force.”



Cheryl: While authorities work to figure out just who is behind Jennifer, we’re learning more about the “Why,” thanks in part to my next guest… Austen Media chief content officer Kitty Montgomery. – Welcome, Kitty.

Kitty: Thank you for having me, Cheryl.

Cheryl: Several days ago, you made the controversial decision to print the Jennifer manifesto across all Austen Media publications.

Kitty: Women’s publications, but yes. I am responsible for making that decision.

Cheryl: Take me to that moment when you received the manifesto.

Kitty: Sure. Well, I remember reading it and thinking to myself, “This anger, it’s– it’s so authentic. So real.” I really heard it loud and clear.

Cheryl: And the decision to go to print, that couldn’t have been easy.

Kitty: Actually, it was.

Cheryl: Because of their threats, “Print our manifesto, or else”? Were you worried that the threats might come to fruition?

Kitty: Honestly, it had less to do with their threats and more to do with– Look, in no way does Austen Media condone violence, but we are very proud to be the catalyst for an important conversation. Women have been angry for a long time. A long time. So is it really so surprising that after all the abuse they’ve taken they are finally fighting back with deadly force instead of just words?

To be fair to Kitty, her words aren’t exactly outrageous when you compare them to Maxine Waters’s calls to harass members of the Trump administration. She’s just following the usual thought process of a liberal in the spotlight.

The grudging respect for Jennifer continues even after the group murders its first female victim, a former porn star named Stella Cross. The news begins to unsettle former supporters, but the show still manages to put forth an argument for the group again when Plum (Joy Nash) speaks with Verena Baptist (Robin Weigert), a therapist, about her assignment on the topic. Plum defends Jennifer, saying the terrorist group “makes a pretty good case that taking up arms is women’s only recourse.”



Verena: Sorry about not being able to meet earlier. It’s been a tough day.

Plum: Stella Cross?

Verena: Yeah. Some of the women in the house are very, very unsettled. The graphic nature of it, and…

Plum: Kitty’s having me write a piece about her. I’m turning it in after this.

Verena: Really? What kind of piece?

Plum: Balanced, I hope. I understand what Jennifer’s angry about, but I feel like they might be undermining their message with this kind of violence.

Verena: Yeah. A lot of people want to write them off as rage-filled lesbians and psychos.

Plum: Yeah. On the other hand, though, Jennifer’s manifesto makes a pretty good case that taking up arms is women’s only recourse.

Verena: But do we become just like the perpetrators if we use their methods?

Plum: It was only 200 words. Wasn’t a deep dive.  

Ironically, this is coming from the political side that usually denounces gun owners or any form of taking arms. Apparently, it’s acceptable now that women could be using them to viciously murder. Not to mention, we leave off with the idea that women can be so angry and irrational that they believe murder is an acceptable option. For feminists, these people seem to have an offensively low standard for the fairer sex.

It’s even more disappointing since the scene actually points out reasons why assaulting or killing your opponents could be seen as bad, yet they still offer a defense. Is it really that hard to say that unprovoked violence, full-stop, is wrong? Alas, it’s really not a surprise that the violent feminist extremists are also highly hypocritical.

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