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Ten Things that Caught My Eye (July 26, 2018)

Ten Things that Caught My Eye (July 26, 2018)

1. Good intentions without accountability won’t help Iraq”

2. Nine minutes on religious freedom in Malaysia

3. Sohrab Ahmari on Andrew Bunsen, the pastor in Turkey in Turkish custody. (After U.S. pressure, he’s been moved from jail to house arrest.)

Mike Pence talking about him and the threat of sanctions earlier today here.


4. “Father Jacques Hamel, Europe’s first 21st-century martyr” — he was killed while celebrating Mass two years ago today

5. Christopher R. Altieri (who I used to talk to somewhat regularly when he worked for Vatican Radio and I’d do a segment on American political happenings) writes an open letter to Bishop Thomas Tobin (Providence), who cancelled his Twitter account after getting pushback on a tweet seeming to make light of the recent McCarrick explosions:

I do not doubt for one second that Our Lord will in His own good time send us good shepherds, who shall do what is just and right. The only question I have for you, Your Excellency, is this: what kind of shepherds will you and your lot try to be in the time the Lord has appointed you to watch over His flock? You will not see the end of the ruin to lives and souls that you have wrought – not if you live to see a hundred years – but if you open your eyes and act now, you may be in time to arrest the destruction. You may even be in time to take such steps, as may begin to repair the damage. I believe I speak for many of our brothers and sisters in Christ, when I say that we will not fail to support any shepherd who proves his willingness to toil and to suffer in this cause for our sake and Our Lord’s. Nevertheless, our patience with those of you, who do not see, is at an end.

6. Rod Dreher and Terry Mattingly on quiet heroism.

7. In The Nation: Our Foster-Care System Shouldn’t Separate Families Either


9. How to Raise Kids Who Read



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