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The ‘Game of Zones’ Guys Knew You Wanted a Bryan Colangelo Episode

The ‘Game of Zones’ Guys Knew You Wanted a Bryan Colangelo Episode

Instead, planning for the past two seasons of the show has begun around the New Year, and eight episodes have come out near the end of the N.B.A. season and during the playoffs, acting as a sort of recap.

The Malamuts are natives of Cherry Hill, N.J., and widely known as Philadelphia 76ers fans. After a report by The Ringer last week that caused the 76ers to investigate General Manager Bryan Colangelo’s Twitter use — an investigation that found Colangelo’s wife had defended him with three anonymous accounts, and ultimately led to his resignation — the Malamuts were bombarded with messages.

“That was like the bat signal for ‘Game of Zones,’ ” Adam said.

But it wasn’t so easy. Because it was, and still is, an active story, the brothers worried that further revelations would render their interpretation wrong, or worse, unfunny. Bleacher Report’s animators were already producing a full season, and any additional scenes or episodes involving Colangelo and the 76ers would have to be written, voiced and animated on top of everybody’s regular work.

It is also too obvious. The humor in the wife of a general manager using an anonymous Twitter account to defend the size of his shirt collars is bare for all to see. “If somebody else can think of it,” said Adam, describing their motto, “we can think of something better.”

Halfway into a checklist to complete the final episode, which had its debut on Thursday, the Malamuts aren’t quite sure where “Game of Zones” goes from here. They don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that getting a show on television is the be-all and end-all, and they have some wild ideas about what they will be doing at this time next year.

“Fully immersed in the VR world that is ‘Game of Zones 3D,’ ” Adam Malamut said. “I don’t want to give any secret plans, but it could be fun to do a Skyrim game with. …”

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