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The Trump-Kim Summit: What You Need to Know

The Trump-Kim Summit: What You Need to Know

The first meeting between the two leaders is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. Singapore time — Monday at 9 p.m. East Coast time — according to the White House.

Mr. Trump has made clear that his goal is denuclearization.

“This will not be just a photo-op,” Mr. Trump said last Thursday during a news conference after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited the White House. “They have to de-nuke. If they don’t denuclearize, that will not be acceptable.”

But Mr. Trump noted that negotiations on denuclearization would take more time. “It’s not a one meeting deal,” he said.

Mr. Kim has expressed willingness to talk about denuclearization, but has revealed little about his own plans.

In recent months, Mr. Kim has rebranded himself from an international pariah and tyrannical leader who ordered his own half brother executed to a smiling statesman, meeting with the leaders of China and South Korea. But it is unclear if his willingness to denuclearize is simply a negotiating tool to pursue other goals.

Both leaders have proved unpredictable in the past, so it is unclear what, if anything, they will be able to agree on. Some have speculated that the summit could be extended an additional day, but Mr. Trump is currently set to leave Singapore on Tuesday evening.

On Thursday, just days before the summit, Mr. Trump was optimistic the meeting would be “a great success,” but said he would be willing to walk away if things didn’t go as planned. But if the meeting goes well, he said, he would invite Mr. Kim to the White House.

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