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Things to do in New York: Shakespeare (Drunk or in the Park)

Things to do in New York: Shakespeare (Drunk or in the Park)

Yes, that wait will be four hours (guess where I wrote last week’s newsletter), but before you commit, ask the people around you if you’re far up enough in the line to get tickets — they might be regulars. (Hint: If you’re standing before the boulder, you should be set. And if you do get tickets, you can collect up to two.)

Or if you have, say, a 9-to-5, try your luck at the online lottery. Other options for tickets include standby each performance night, an in-person lottery at the Public Theater each performance day, or contributing to the Public Theater.

With doors at 7:30 p.m., you could hit the in-house bar or cafe before joining the line that corresponds to your assigned seat. It’ll be confusing, but staff will point you in the right direction. Curtain is at 8, so spend that extra time people watching, or make a friend in the next seat over. Nothing brings New Yorkers together like a shared experience, and you’ve had a day.

Note: Rain cancellations will be announced at 8 p.m. At that point, just see a movie.

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Before and After: Restaurants

Get a whole rotisserie chicken to go, and maybe some crisp chicharrones de pollo, from Flor de Mayo. It’s exactly the right food to share on a shady, grassy spot (and paired with whatever it is you like to pour into your picnic-ready, 25-ounce reusable bottle).

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