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Trump orders missile strikes on Syrian regime

Trump orders missile strikes on Syrian regime

President Trump says the strikes are intended to deter the use of chemical weapons, which the Syrian government is accused of using on civilians in Douma, a suburb of Damascus.


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  1. cachivache caners

    Where is 2nd amendment now gringos, why dont you baddass people take your guns and fight the tirany that governs your country, cus you are a bunch of pussys, you are all partners in crime you only have your guns for school shootings and hunting. JOKE OF A NATION

  2. Polar Bear

    In fact Trump keeping side of terrorists against Syria. He set USA as terrorists country. The Syrians shot down 71 tomahawks out of 103. It means your tomahawk is not weapon this is piece of shit. This is a complete failure and disgrace for the USA.

  3. Micheal Brook

    why iz it that i cannot connect to the internet like whitez asians or arabs … the racist extremist NSA connectz for me and then stealz my passwordz and emailz and givez it out to local racist extremist in fairfax county … then like lazt night they sit outside the building kingspark library and a racist cop waitz with hiz racist group and followz me …not a problem but im gonna tell everyone…

  4. richard cunningham

    putin crossed the line using chemical weapons on women and children. i am not a trump fan but i hope syria got paid back for crimes against humanity. as far as putin goes, russia has always been behind wrong doings around the world and they sure look like nazi goones.

  5. Andriod Khan

    For people who says, “why are we in their business.” I guess they don’t care about Russia and want another holocaust to happen. You see we could’ve avoid all those deaths happen in WW2; that’s why we are in there mess. If we leave, we will be the bad guys and Russia influence will grow.

    So please, voters don’t complain about it, and again don’t complain about our spending on military.

  6. alchicago123

    do you want to know how to spot a FAKE news ? …….it is when you see kids and babies in any video , have not you noticed they are using kids and babies since the beginning of this conflict ? SHAME and more SHAME on humanity . look who is talking about humanity .

  7. James Bluhm

    Trump is a fraud and played us did it April last year did it in 2012 to Syria. It’s fake Assad is probably a good leader again. Just think the media is fake. So is trump to be in office. Kennedy said if a clear and present danger is clear pretty much by the media that it’s self is the real danger for the danger has never been so clear. It’s prompting the fake story for false flags by the unworthy and overprivileged cia media is gov. We decided long ago that the dangers of unwarranted and excessive need for security outweighed the sources needed to site them. It’s an excuse pretty much to wage war.

  8. Mauro Silva

    There was a game created in 1995 called the illumimati card game and it has the twin towers getting bombed in it and the Pentagon smoking on fire just like in 2001 it even has the Boston bombing in it the last Vegas shooting too alot of other stuff that came true its a scary ass game from 1995 about how you can take over the world. I'm gonna order it on eBay or Amazon it was made by someone who withheld information from the US secret service or some shit like that buy it or YouTube it

  9. John Milton

    I was very happy when he won the elections. But now I don't like him anymore. He is a hypocrite, arrogant and dishonest political maneuvered by the establishment like the others. With Trump nothing has changed!.

  10. jamal Bibishahrbanoui

    isis and the moderate head choppers are being defeated so they stage another false flag chemical attack to give their Airforce the excuse they need to attack Syria, the Resistance is winning and the wahabbi saudi and Israelis can't accept the fact that their head choppers are being defeated. ………

  11. IngHeart

    Trump 2016-2017: "Muslim Ban!"
    Trump 2018: "We are
    fighting for the Syrian people.
    Poor Syrians…"

    Russia preposed an investigation of the alleged chemical attack, so that there would be proof, wich there was none of. On the day they were supposed to start investigating, to see if the chemical attack actually happened, USA and allies launched their missiles, not awaiting any results.

    A very dangerous game they're playing, bullying Russia…

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