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Two More House GOP Members Sign on to Forcing Immigration Votes

Two More House GOP Members Sign on to Forcing Immigration Votes

There’s growing GOP support in the House to force a series of votes on immigration — despite warnings from Republican leadership to repel the drive, The Hill reported.

On Wednesday, Reps. John Katko of New York and Dave Trott of Michigan signed on to a discharge petition, becoming the 19th and 20th Republicans to back the petition forcing floor votes on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, immigration and border security bills, The Hill reported.

According to The Hill, the petition, introduced by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., last week, would force votes on four immigration measures — derailing the usual control of what gets to the floor for a vote by leaders of the majority party.

A majority of all House members have to back a discharge petition in order to force a vote.

“Congress must do its job and have the debate we have avoided for years,” GOP. Rep. Jeff Denham of California said of the discharge petition last week. “My rule is about coming together in a bipartisan manner to find a compromise on a permanent solution for America’s Dreamers and responsible border security.”

Though just one Democrat has signed on to the discharge petition so far, more are expected to do so if 25 Republicans sign on — the minimum amount of GOP support necessary to get to a majority if all Democrats back the petition, The Hill reported.

If the petition succeeds, four different measures would get votes and under a so-called queen of the hill rule, whichever proposal receives the most votes and meets the mandatory marority-vote threshold would be adopted, and sent to the Senate.

The Hill reported that threshold would be above 218 votes.

House GOP leaders have been against the move, arguing it places too much power in the hands of Democrats.

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