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U.S. Service Member Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

U.S. Service Member Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq


An Iraqi fighter inspected an area adorned with an Islamic State flag in Mosul in March. Pentagon officials declined to give the location of a bombing that killed a United States service member in Iraq on Sunday.

Khalid Mohammed/Associated Press

WASHINGTON — An American service member in Iraq was killed on Sunday by an improvised roadway bomb, the Pentagon said Monday.

A second service member was injured, the Defense Department said. Pentagon officials declined to release the identities of the victims or the location of the bombing, pending notification of family members.

Defense Department officials said that the two service members were involved in the ongoing fight against the Islamic State in Iraq. Since the war against the Islamic State began in 2014, 13 American service members have been killed in Iraq and Syria.

Defense Department officials said in recent days that the Islamic State had been thrown into disarray by continued coalition attacks, and that the Iraqi Security Forces, backed by the United States, were well on their way to reclaiming most of the country back from the extremist Sunni group.

In recent months, Iraqi forces have taken back the important cities of Mosul and Tal Afar.

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