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Watch James Comey’s explosive interview with USA TODAY

Watch James Comey’s explosive interview with USA TODAY

In an interview given on Friday morning, April 13, former FBI Director James Comey opens up about his role in the 2016 election, his dismissal from the FBI by President Trump, and whether or not he thinks Trump may be compromised by the Russians.

In an extraordinary interview, former FBI director James Comey called Donald Trump “morally unfit to be president” and said he believed it was possible the Russians were holding compromising personal information over the head of the commander in chief.

Comey’s comments and his new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, are fueling a combustible moment in Washington that could become a constitutional crisis. At the White House, Trump has unleashed a barrage of angry tweets against Comey — calling him an “untruthful slime ball,” among other insults — amid reports he was poised to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his role in the Russia investigation that Comey once headed.

Never before in American history has a current or former director of the FBI, the nation’s principal law-enforcement agency, publicly described a president in such a scathing manner.

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  1. Sergio Nieto

    A Higher Loyalty to Treason, Loretta, Hillary, and Obama. James Comey sounds relaxed and honest, but he has been on vacation practising his speech with aid from his wife also expensive professional legal counsel paid for by tax-payers and other government leaks like wiretaps. Truly a witch trial on behalf of a rogue government agency that has conspiracy theorist blaming them for JFK's assassination. The culture the FBI creates to hire talent is zero to none, they promote culture to hire haters that cannot make a buck on their own, and have power trips. Just look on TV how FBI agents treat the local police with so much disrespect. The only people that want to be agents are police officers who get taken advantage of and take advantage of, so they think they can continue to abuse power if they make it "to the top of LAW ENFORCEMENT," and they do! Eventually, all entry-level personnel in the military and police have higher odds of being hired vs. regular citizens, these federal agents take advantage of the laws to wiretap, abuse, and obstruct justice (curve justice for rich/weird people aka religious people). Like Comey says in 11:02 "…In a way, he had to fire everyone in the FBI and justice department because of the nature of those departments."
    Wake-up call for everyone, too much corruption comes with too much power. We need AI to process, decide, and meditate future issues, unlike human leadership errors that start at the bottom. Most Leadership problems in the military come from the bottom leadership like NCO's, not Educated Officers. Don't lose yourself on your road to become an FBI agent or federal law enforcement.

  2. Peter GNG

    James COMEY is a well known Satanic Paedophile, and outright criminal. One need ONLY delve into his criminal involvement WHEN he was working at HSBC.

    This clown is serving up the EXACT same narrative juice as Hillary R. CLINTON.

    A Veteran / Insider

  3. T NH

    I am currently reading Comey's book and have yet to find anything untruthful or boisterous about it. He describes his stories so well that you are drawn into the emotions he felt and the dilemmas he struggled with. And the funny thing is, is that I also always described Trump as the "Boss" man that sent his people to do the "deeds" while he sat back and watched which is why he may get away with the Russian thing.

  4. Sigkim

    LMAO…throw Hannity or Judge Jeanine Pirro in with those spineless yes men. They would have comeys perjuring ass for lunch.

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  5. Barbara Bowman

    The only "sway over him" POTUS is that he has wanted to ally with Russia, or at least be more friendly toward Russia, but you & your SES buddies want unending wars, Mr. Comey. I appreciate the years of your service, but it would be wise to be more cautious with your words. I am very against you being prosecuted because I know what happened.

  6. Barbara Bowman

    President Trump realizes that the NWO & our own CIA have thug killers within. That is true, so we are like the KBG in that sense. Of course, he will not speak against Russia or Mr. Putin, because we are just as guilty.

  7. rabbshoo yussuff

    This will piss Donald Trump more a shithole African immigrant truck driver pulled over and said Thnk you James Comey😂😂😂😂 love.our best FBI Director James Comey🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Shawn Stanley

    Comey: "Core value of America, truth, rule of law…." Says a former Director of the FBI who oversaw an "investigation" that was bias and political based on the stature of those being investigated. The handling of the Clinton email case, with the information that we now know – he can't make this statement without being completely hypocritical.

  9. James Madison

    I'm not going back and looking things up. However, I recall Comey talking about the FOIA suit by Judicial Watch. If any FBI or other government equipment, money, or time was used for anything other than an investigation regarding security or criminal conduct as a result of or pertaining to the Clinton emails, that would be criminal. And if Comey authorized that or was willfully blind to that, that would be criminal. It's just a hypothesis, but did Comey reopen the Clinton email investigation in a panicked attempt to tank Hillary Clinton and avoid an inquiry into his conduct under an FBI director appointed by Clinton?

  10. futilitariano

    This explosive interview is an example of the adverse side effects of the grandiose views that Leftists have of themselves. Former FBI Director James Comey now rivals Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton as an icon for the self-indulgent and excessive contemplation of oneself at the expense of a wider view.


    JAMES COMEY: You are a hypocrite and a liar! If you were so concerned about the rule of law, you should not have participated in a collusion which obstructed Justice. President Obama instructed Loretta Lynch to make sure Hillary Clinton was not convicted of any crimes–so that she could go on to win the DNC's nomination of her as Presidential Candidate. Lynch, in turn, told you to turn the criminal investigation of Hillary into a matter–hence your July 2017 public news announcement that Hillary was merely "extremely careless" [i.e. but not criminally liable]. By doing this, you, Lynch and Obama obstructed Justice by diverting the issue away from a Grand Jury which should have been called. A Federal Grand Jury can still be called and must be called in the interest of Justice–because even as you told Congress, Hillary's answers to the questions posed to her by the FBI directly contradicted and were antithetical to the public answers she gave previously to Congress. So you knew, therefore, that she perjured herself before Congress on numerous points. You also knew of the illegal criminal activities of her Clinton Foundation–false charity, money-laundering, accepting bribes from foreign nationals and foreign governments, theft and fraud–especially against the citizens of Haiti–yet you failed to investigate the Clinton Foundation . You did usurp the role of the AG and Grand Jury and you made your public testimony appearances before Congress and the Press with the sole premeditated intent of WHITEWASHING Hillary's Federal crimes! Hillary committed these crimes while she was Secretary of State and afterwards. I remind you what the Constitution says about this:

    “The president, vice-president, and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” [Article II: Section 4].

    Then there is the issue of selling U.S. Uranium and allowing U.S. state secrets to be hacked by China by Hillary's willful and knowingly illegal use of a private hackable server in her home in New York State. This brings up the most serious crime of all–TREASON! Yes–the American People know the Truth and therefore demand swift Justice. There is no Statute of Limitations on these most serious Federal crimes.

  12. Phil Ponder

    What a dip shit. Comey you are beyond belief. 16 months of finding nothing lol we the people need to get rid of the FBI, Cia all you deep state scumbags that think your public officials, your public servants and should be disposed of properly. Has a CIA plane ever gone down with it NOT being full of cocaine or heroin? Comey didn't you work with Eric Holder selling all those weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico wasn't that project Fast and Furious? what a loser scumbag!!!!!

  13. Corinne Brown

    I stand with James Comey. You can’t see me because I only come up to your knees but I am grateful that we have people working in our government with integrity and dignity (I already knew that because I worked for IRS for ten years. Agents don’t want to take money when they audit – they just want to follow the laws in the Internal Revenue Code). Thanks for being part of our government, Director Comey. I’m sorry you were fired.

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