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Weight loss: Lose weight fast by drinking tea made from this simple kitchen spice

Weight loss: Lose weight fast by drinking tea made from this simple kitchen spice

Weight loss is on the minds of many Britons, with summer holiday season in full swing.

One way to speed up weight loss and lose weight fast is by drinking ginger water.

Ginger is a root typically associated with flavouring cooking or for natural remedies, but it has now been revealed as a useful tool for weight loss.

Drinking ginger mixed with water comes with a host of weight-loss and health benefits.

It is also easy and extremely affordable to make at home, getting rid of the need for other expensive diet products.

How it works

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy and medicine for centuries, known to cure pain and nausea.

A study published on the UK National Library of Medicine found that drinking ginger water promotes feelings of fullness, without negatively affecting the metabolism or hormones.

The study was conducted on overweight men, with the men divided into two groups.

One group drank hot ginger water after meals and the other group did not.

The men who drank the ginger water reported feelings of fullness, leading to them eating less throughout the day, and consequently losing more weight.

Another study conducted in the Netherlands found that ginger contains a type of caffeine that helps speed up weight loss.

Ginger tea enhances the body’s production of heat and curbs the feeling of being hunger, keeping overeating under control.

How to make it

Ginger tea is an affordable, easy and effective tool for weight loss.

It can be made by grating 1.5 teaspoons of fresh ginger and mixing it with boiling water, before being left to steep for up to 10 minutes.

Ginger water also helps control blood sugar levels for people with diabetes, and is known to reduce cholesterol levels.

Along with ginger water, there are many other methods for speeding up weight loss and achieving weight-loss goals this summer.

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually a good method for keeping the metabolism fired up and for losing weight.

Eating little and often keeps the metabolism working and burning calories, and when it finally comes to meal times there will be less urge to overeat, as hunger has been controlled throughout the day.

Snack on healthy foods such as almonds and Brazil nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, apples and peanut butter.

When it comes to working out, adding weight training will cause the body to burn more calories when resting.

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