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Weight loss: Lose weight fast by speeding up your metabolism throughout the day

Weight loss: Lose weight fast by speeding up your metabolism throughout the day

Weight loss is on the mind of many, with lots people’s weight-loss goals not being met.

With summer holidays fast approaching there can be pressure to look good and lose weight.

If weight loss goals haven’t been achieved, there are simple methods that can be done to speed up weight loss and increase metabolic rate.

These simple tips increase the amount of energy the body burns, resulting in losing weight more effectively.

How to burn more energy

One way to speed up the metabolism is by eating breakfast. Breakfast kickstarts the metabolism, literally breaking the fast that occurs during sleep.

Eating a breakfast that consists of protein and healthy fat over carbs will prolong the feeling of being full, and help prevent snacking during the day.

Another way to burn more energy throughout the day is by eating regular meals, not skipping meals or fasting.

Eating at regular intervals will burn calories more effective and prevent overindulging or snacking.

Foods to speed up the metabolism

Not all calories are equal, and eating slow-burning calories will also prolong the feeling of being full, keeping hunger at bay.

High-fibre carbohydrates such as legumes and healthy fats like avocado and oily fish will release energy at a slower, more controlled pace.

Some foods have a greater effect on the metabolism, speeding ip up and optimising weight loss.

Foods high in fibre such as fruits, vegetables and wholegrain will encourage digestion and calories to be burnt faster.

Other tips

The metabolism can also be sped up by drinking water, particularly at ice cold or hot temperatures

The body will work overtime and burn more energy to change the water back to being the temperature of the body, burning more calories.

Eating should also be avoided at least two hours before bed, with it proven to affect sleep quality. The metabolism will also slow down while the body is sleeping, potentially not digesting all food consumed.

Another way to speed up weight loss is by using smaller plates, as research shows that portion sizes have increased dramatically in recent decades.

Try serving food on slightly smaller plates to trick the brain and consume a smaller portion.

Not getting enough, or getting too much sleep also affects metabolic rate

According to research, too little and too much sleep can negatively affect weight loss.

It was revealed that people who get under six hours or over eight hours of sleep will have more trouble slimming down.

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