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Weight loss: Newcastle woman loses four stone by ditching this everyday bad habit

Weight loss: Newcastle woman loses four stone by ditching this everyday bad habit

Weight loss is usually achieved through eating less and moving more.

However, as simple as that seems, it can often be hard for many Britons leading modern, busy lives.

One woman who managed to achieve her weight loss goal is mother-of-two Jolene, who ditched her bad eating habit and lost four stone.

Jolene, 38, managed to lose a whopping five dress sizes, all through cutting takeaways out.

At her heaviest, Jolene was 19 stone, and would gorge on a staggering five takeaways a week.

She would binge on fried chicken and Chinese most nights, after filling her days with calorie-laden sandwiches, crisps and dips.

Knowing something had to change, she decided to turn her life around, ditching her takeaway habit.

Jolene also got help from her local Fatnosis consultant, who helped her follow the Fatnosis rule of eating healthily 80 per cent of the time and what you enjoy 20 per cent of the time.

The pounds started to fall off, and Jolene lost an impressive four stone.

Talking about her weight loss, Jolene said: “Before I found Fatnosis I was binge eating and feeling constantly sick and tired.

“I struggled to do even the smallest tasks, like putting on my socks and was completely neglecting myself.

“I’d always been fit and healthy and had stacks of confidence, but as the pounds piled on, I lost my confidence and self-esteem.

“I tried every diet in the book and went to countless slimming clubs but nothing seemed to work.”

She described her previous self as an “emotional eater”, but was told by her Fatnosis consultant that she was, in fact, just an eater.

“I always thought I was an emotional eater, but Stevie blew that fib away by telling me simply that I was an eater. Not finding time to cook was another excuse – he told me to find the time,” she said.

“With Stevie’s [her consultant] support and the mind skills he taught me, I learnt how to hate the fat body I didn’t deserve and love myself again.”

Another Briton who managed to shed an impressive amount of weight is Manchester-based mum, Melissa Tolan.

Melissa managed to shed five stone, by also cutting out a bad habit from her diet. 

Sweet-toothed Melissa, 22, once enjoyed a staggering nine spoonfuls of sugar in her tea.

Her habit saw her pile on the pounds, and she started to gorge on entire biscuit packets, McDonald’s breakfasts and supersize portions of toast and pasta.

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