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Weight loss: Woman loses right stone on keto diet plan | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss: Woman loses right stone on keto diet plan | Diets | Life & Style

If you are striving for weight loss, following the right diet plan is key – with many choosing the keto diet.

The keto diet, short for the ketogenic diet, is a diet of high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrates.

One woman managed to lose a huge eight stone following the popular diet.

Before and after pictures document her incredible weight loss transformation.

She started her journey weighing an obese 20 stone.

In the before pictures, she is pictured with a lot of excess belly fat.

However, following the keto diet appears to have completed transformed her figure.

According to her post, she went on to lose a huge eight stone, putting her weight at just over 14 stone.

Going into further depth about her keto diet, the woman revealed: “I try to keep it under 20-30g of carbs per day.”

She also took up exercise as part of her training to be a volunteer fire woman.

“I do some heavy lifting and cardio when we train and drill,” she revealed.

However she admitted her weight loss was mostly down to diet.

“I’d say 90 per cent was just diet,” she wrote on Imgur.

One user commented: “I wonder how many years you’ve added to your life? You’ve lost a small person in body weight. That’s incredible.”

Another wrote: “Congrats on your progress! You give me hope.”

Last week, one woman revealed how she lose six stone through eating a more balanced diet.

The photograph show such a drastic change that one user commented: “Like a completely different person. You worked your ass off…literally. Good job. Keep it up!”.

Another wrote: “I would not guess this is the same person.”

So what made the difference? The woman changed her diet plan and upped her exercise regime, she explained.

Asked whether she followed the keto diet, she replied that she did not, explaining that she simply followed a diet based on “balance (calculate protein, fat, carbohydrates) and healthy food.”

“I changed my life and lost more 90 pounds one year ago,” she wrote in the post.

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