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When Your Jeans Become a #MeToo Talking Point

When Your Jeans Become a #MeToo Talking Point

Looking at the jeans reminds me of being in Prague after the Velvet Revolution and seeing columns in the city’s main squares plastered with old Western newspaper stories. People could read them to find out what had happened in the past, when the Czech newspapers had reported an alternate version of reality.

“I liked the idea of using denim, which has in recent history been the fabric of revolution, but that started out as very much a man’s uniform,” Ms. Meyer said. “Plus, the denim industry is still very male dominated.”

The products, which cost $250 (for jeans), $375 (the jacket) and $57 (the T-shirt), with 10 percent of all sales going to the National Women’s Law Center to help women who are victims of sexual harassment, will be offered via a website ( and in three pop-up stores.

The project is being supported by three companies: Isko, a Turkish denim brand, which is underwriting the shops (“It’s interesting, given the more repressive attitude toward women in Turkish society,” Ms. Goldschmied said); Tonello, a female-run Italian company, which is doing the lasering; and MetalBottoni, which helped create the custom-made buttons.

The initial production run has been sponsored, and the rest will be self-financed.

The first pop-up, in Los Angeles, will open later this month, followed by one in New York and one in Milan, during fashion week in September. The stores will be fashioned after butcher shops, with T-shirts packaged like meat; the price stickers, instead of showing cost per pound, will display the company’s donation per item.

The walls will display reproductions of photo collages made by Anica Presley, an artist and one of Ms. Meyer’s former classmates, that depict naked female torsos and legs emerging from, or enveloped by, cuts of beef. The import is pretty obvious.

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