President Donald Trump’s plan to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities is a function of his “perpetual campaign mode” – but would backfire because they would end up remaining in the United States “forever,” political commentator Bill O’Reilly said Monday.

In remarks on Newsmax TV‘s “The Wayne Allen Root Show,” O’Reilly, host of the “No Spin News” podcast at, said the president has a “great idea,” but it is one that “can never actually be done.”

“What’s important on this story . . . is that Donald Trump is in perpetual campaign mode,” he said. “He governs, but also has an eye on ‘I’m campaigning; I want to be re-elected.'”

“So, this is a big issue for Trump’s crew, they all like that sanctuary cities be punished,” he continued, saying Trump’s theory is “‘I might send these people to San Francisco, let’s hear them howl.’

“But if you did that, then you would guarantee that everybody you bussed to San Francisco or Seattle or [Los Angeles] or New York City, that every one of those people would remain in the United States forever,” O”Reilly said.

“Look, people who come here illegally are gonna settle where they know people,” he explained. “That’s what happens. Most people who are coming here from Central America and Mexico, they already know people here. That’s where they’re going to go. You want to drop off them off in San Francisco? Fine. But they’re going to high-tail it out of there to wherever their folks are, wherever their friends are.”

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