Angry leftist social media mobs have been attacking Nick Bosa, an exceptionally talented defensive end out of Ohio State drafted Thursday by the San Francisco 49ers, because he is – gasp – a conservative who supports President Trump.

How dare he!

Ironically, some of the same folks who criticized the 49ers for dropping left-wing quarterback Colin Kaepernick after he began kneeling protests at the start of games while the national anthem was being played are now complaining that the team didn’t reject Bosa for his right-wing political beliefs.


As the second overall pick of this year’s NFL draft, Bosa ought to be celebrating the start of his pro football career. Unless he decides to run for elective office or take a job in politics or focused on public policy, his views on President Trump ought to be irrelevant.

The 49ers, based in the most liberal city in America, obviously didn’t pick Bosa for his politics.

The 49ers, based in the most liberal city in America, obviously didn’t pick Bosa for his politics. The football team picked him because he is one of best young football players around. That seems like the obvious reason any team ought to use to decide on a draft pick.

You would think most 49ers fans would concern themselves with more pressing matters for the Bay Area, like rampant homelessness. Health care workers say about 10,000 people are living homeless in the streets – a number nearly 72 percent higher than the 2010 federal tally.

Instead, Trump haters are feverishly tweeting their anger about a player who had the nerve to send out positive tweets about the duly elected president of the United States, along with some negative tweets deemed politically incorrect.

Having once covered football extensively as a reporter, I first saw Bosa’s tweets a few years ago when he gained traction among national scouting circles.

In a world where people with nothing better to do try to dig up tweets or other social media posts of star athletes going back to their early teen years, the backlash to Bosa exercising his free speech rights under the First Amendment was a long time coming.

Bosa and his advisers clearly anticipated backlash as they geared up for the draft. Bosa deleted numerous tweets in which he labeled Kaepernick a “clown,” Beyoncé’s music “complete trash,” and “Black Panther” the “worst Marvel movie.”

These comments could be relevant if Bosa was seeking employment as a sports commentator, or a film or music critic. But he’s not.

Give Bosa some credit for at least showing bravery. Only a confident person would dare upset members of the “Bey-hive” (as Beyoncé’s fans call themselves), one of the most militant fan bases on the Internet.

But Bosa’s opinions on music and movies aren’t the primary cause of the social media furor surrounding him. His publicly expressed faith in Trump, along with his “liking” and following conservative commentators on social media, is what is driving the left nuts.

After all, saying anything positive about President Trump is a cardinal sin for the progressive faction of the country.

Yet these woke fans are perfectly fine with the national anthem protests that have spread from Kaepernick to other players around the league to protest what they consider police brutality.

In the end, this is all nonsense – white noise that Bosa will tune out. And every time he makes a sack or forces a fumble, those beleaguered 49er fans desperate for more than four wins will cheer for him.

More importantly, a few of his new teammates – including Solomon Thomas, Kwon Alexander and DeForest Buckner –  welcomed Bosa with open virtual arms on social media Thursday night.

It’s absurd for anyone to think that Bosa, a white man who spent the better part of three seasons in a top collegiate program’s locker room, won’t be able to get along with African-American teammates simply because of his political views.


Welcome to 2019. Many of us don’t agree with each other in the current political climate, but we still manage to get to work on time and do our jobs. And there are sharp political differences in families as well, but they haven’t caused a big jump in the divorce rate.

At the very least, Bosa will pick up new fans when he plays in the Midwest and the South. If – or likely when – President Trump gives Bosa a shout-out, we can grab some popcorn and be entertained with another social media explosion driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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