Allen West Criticizes NRA ‘Cabal of Cronyism’


Retired Lt. Col. Allen West, a board member of the National Rifle Association, slammed the “cabal of cronyism” Tuesday in the gun-rights group, criticizing CEO Wayne LaPierre and newly elected president Carolyn Meadows.

In his blog, West, elected in 2019 to a second three-year term, said the NRA’s board of directors was never informed about the issues related to controversial spending by the organization or LaPierre.

“The recent statements by Charles Cotton and Carolyn Meadows that are appearing in The Wall Street Journal, and now other news outlets, are outright lies,” Allen wrote.

“I do not support Wayne LaPierre continuing as the EVP/CEO of the NRA,” he added.

“There is a cabal of cronyism operating within the NRA and that exists within the board of directors. It must cease, and I do not care if I draw their angst.”

The NRA condemned Allen’s remarks Tuesday in a statement obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

“We should end this petty bickering immediately,” the statement demanded.

Rumors of financial mismanagement have plagued the gun-rights organization since The New Yorker article described LaPierre’s expenses and the group’s legal tab.

A public power struggle between LaPierre and former President Oliver North came to a head during the group’s annual meeting in Indianapolis April 27, with North refusing to run for another term.

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