Sen. Coons: One Error Could Cause Serious Situation WIth Iran


Lawmakers have not yet received information about the intelligence that caused the Trump administration to pull U.S. embassy personnel out of Iraq or to deploy military forces to the Person Gulf, Sen. Chris Coons said Wednesday, and many are concerned that one miscalculation could create a serious situation.

“We are now in a quite dangerous situation where a miscalculation by either side could lead us into conflict,” the Delaware Democrat told CNN’s “New Day.”

Iran is saying that it was not its intention to hit four oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, said Coons, and that’s a “small but real reminder” that when force is projected into a “very volatile region” where there are real tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the United States must remain careful.

“We need a strategy,” Coons said. “The Senate needs a briefing on the raw intelligence. I think it’s important that the skepticism we’re hearing from our vital allies is also heard here in the Senate. We don’t have the briefing yet to justify these actions and many of us are concerned.”

Coons said he understands there will be briefings to lawmakers in key positions, including with people on the Senate Intelligence Committee, but he would like to see the briefings occur on a broader scope.

“Congress needs to understand what is happening behind those decisions,” said Coons. “Obviously, we will stand firm. We do not want war with Iran, but we do need to stand firm.”

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