States are approving more restrictive abortion policies in response to “extremism” in states where late-term abortion has been discussed or approved, Sen. Josh Hawley said Thursday, after the state Senate in his home state of Missouri advanced a bill that bans abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy.

“It’s just incredible, the extremism that we’re seeing and I think you are seeing and these states are responding,” the Republican lawmaker told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” adding that he thinks states should be the ones to create abortion regulations.

“I have long said that I believe that Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided,” Hawley said. “This is something that is up to the people to decide. I expect the Supreme Court will ultimately have to weigh in, but I have been proud to support legislation in the United States Senate that would stop this kind of extremism in places like New York and Virginia and other places where Democrat politicians are actually advocating abortion in the final weeks of pregnancy.”

Such policies, he added are only allowed in a “few countries in the world, like Iran, like China,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hawley, as a freshman senator, delivered his first-floor speech on Wednesday, during which he called on Republicans to revitalize the middle class.

“The establishment in this country has focused on themselves for way too long,” said Hawley. “They haven’t listened to working people. They haven’t been focused on the middle class.”

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