Leaked documents showing financial improprieties at the National Rifle Organization have spurred calls for the resignation of CEO Wayne LaPierre, Rolling Stone reports.

The NRA has been under increasing public scrutiny since a whistleblower leaked documents May 10 showing allegations by former NRA president Oliver North the group was facing an “existential threat” in the form of legal bills. Another document appeared to show LaPierre billed $275,000 for wardrobe purchases at a clothing boutique in Beverly Hills and more than $250,000 in luxury travel.

The NRA is a nonprofit and is supposed to operate its finances with the best interest of the organization in mind, not for the benefit of any executives or board members.

Since the document dump, New York Attorney General Letitia James and the IRS opened an investigation into the organization’s finances and tax-exempt status.

Firearms instructor Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Firearms Training, told Rolling Stone the leaked data was a “smoking gun.”

“There’s a vast majority of the American gun ownership community that was ready to believe that all the accusations of malfeasance and irresponsibility were just ‘fake news,'” Pincus said. “No, this is real. We wish it weren’t that way. But we have to deal with that as fact. Having these documents out in public gives us the evidence.”

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