The Democrats’ Medicare for All plan would mandate taxpayer funded abortions, according to Reps. Steve Scalise, R-La., and Greg Walden, R-Ore.

The two congressmen made their comments in a column they co-authored for the Fox News website.

They wrote: “Single-payer. Government-run. Government takeover. One-size-fits-all. Socialist. Each is an accurate description of Democrats’ preferred healthcare scheme, proposed in the mislabeled Medicare for All Act.

“The more Americans learn, the further support sinks for their centralized government healthcare system. It will bring delays in access to needed healthcare. The $32 trillion price tag is so massive it is hard to wrap your head around. 

“There is another deeply disturbing truth Americans need to know about their plan: it would mandate taxpayer funded abortions on demand and force health professionals to perform these abortions.”

Scalise and Walden called it “radical and unprecedented.”

“Democrats are actively trying to reverse a 40-year, bipartisan protection against federal taxpayer funded abortions,” the two said. “They’d also force doctors and nurses to terminate a baby’s life.”

Scalise and Walden said the authors of the bill have confirmed abortion is covered.

“The benefits are specifically listed: ‘comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care,'” they said. “Comprehensive reproductive care is included, meaning this plan — which is free — covers abortions. This means abortion-on-demand, funded by taxpayers.”

And the congressmen added: “Life is precious and we are committed to defending it.”

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