President Donald Trump boasted Thursday about being featured as Japan’s guest of honor during his upcoming trip to Tokyo, The Washington Post reports.

Trump will become the first foreign leader Monday to meet Japan’s newly enthroned Emperor Naruhito, who was named monarch after his father, Akihito, became the first Japanese emperor to abdicate in more than 200 years.

“It’s a very big thing going on with the emperor,” Trump said. “It’s something that hasn’t happened in over 200 years. I am the guest, meaning the United States is the guest, but Prime Minister [Shinzō] Abe said to me very specifically, ‘You are the guest of honor. There’s only one guest of honor. You are the guest of honor.'”

Trump will also attend a banquet at the imperial palace and take ringside seats at the first sumo tournament of the imperial era. There, he will present a specially made “Trump Cup” to the winner.

“With all the countries of the world, I am the guest of honor at the biggest event that they’ve had in over 200 years,” he added. “So, it’s a great thing. And we get along very well with Japan. I get along very well with the prime minister, so we’re going to be spending two days over there.”

Trump told reporters he agreed to visit because Prime Minister Abe told him the imperial succession is “about 100 times bigger” for people in Japan than the Super Bowl is for Americans.

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