A former mayor of Tehran turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday after confessing to killing his wife.The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Mohammed Ali Najafi told Iranian police he killed his wife, Mitra Ostad, after threatening her with a gun because she refused to grant him a divorce. Najafi, 67, told authorities that he killed her accidentally after surprising her in the bathroom at their home.The former mayor’s confession was broadcast live on Iranian state television.“We had an argument and then I showed her this gun to scare her while she was getting ready to take a bath,” Najafi told a reporter. Najafi was shown not handcuffed and sipping tea in the police station, according to the Post. “She panicked and attacked me in order to take the gun and I mistakenly touched the trigger.”In a second segment aired on state-broadcaster IRIB, the same reporter handled the weapon officials say Najafi used in the killing, counting the bullets remaining in the chamber. “So far, [this case] is not a criminal investigation, even by the standards of the Iranian judiciary,” Tehran-based lawyer Shady Sadr tweeted, according to the Post.“The tests on the murder weapon, from the fingerprints to matching the bullets with the ones in the victim’s body, cannot possibly be done in less than 24 hours,” she said, adding that “the murder weapon should not be given to a random person to play with in front of the camera.”The Post reported that Iranians have been confused and angered by the case, with many citizens criticizing the apparent preferential treatment given to government officials in legal matters.Najafi, a reformist politician, resigned from the mayorship last year after an eight-month stint, citing poor health.

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