Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday panned outgoing special counsel Robert Mueller’s comments about his investigation’s findings, questioning if it was ethical for him to comment about the investigation into President Donald Trump when criminal charges were not going to be filed against a sitting president.

“A sitting president can’t be charged, so then if that’s the case, why did he offer all those opinions?” Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, told Fox News after Mueller’s statement Wednesday morning. “Why did he offer all those recommendations and suggestions? Why did he investigate?

“The reality is that he gave us his opinion on collusion and obstruction. His opinion is you can’t bring a case.”

Further, he said, “the real question whether it’s ethical at all to be discussing it or writing about it. If you concluded you can’t bring a case the rules of ethics say you have to keep your mouth shut as a prosecutor.

He also slammed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who said after Mueller’s statement that it now falls to Congress to “respond to the crimes and wrongdoing of President Trump and we will do so.”

“He just proved he shouldn’t be the chairman of that committee by saying that,” said Giuliani. “Jerry Nadler has figured out already without an investigation that he will respond to the crimes of the president? Even Mueller didn’t say that. Mueller said he couldn’t reach a conclusion. Jerry has already reached a conclusion.”

Overall, Giuliani said Mueller’s comments only repeated his report and there was nothing new to learn from it.

“There is no case on obstruction, there is no case on collusion,” said Giuliani. “When he goes on to discuss the DOJ policy, we all know that’s the DOJ policy. When I first met him he was unsure whether he could indict or not. But obviously, he can’t. We all know that.”

Giuliani also said he doesn’t know now how real the threat of impeachment is.

“That’s being handled by the White House counsel,” he said. “From my point of view, unless Nadler is removed and they put a chairman on there who at least hasn’t made all sorts of prejudicial comments that a crime has been committed where nobody else has, I would think their investigation is illegitimate. It is a misuse of congressional power.”

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