Women’s World Cup: Rate the players – Germany v Sweden


Germany are playing Sweden in the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup.

You can follow the game live here and rate the players’ performances out of 10 using our Player Rater…

helpHow to play

Rate players out of 10 throughout or after the game. The rater will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Rating range key1 = Give it up10 = Pure perfection


  1. Squad number1Player nameSchult

  2. Squad number15Player nameGwinn

  3. Squad number23Player nameDoorsoun

  4. Squad number5Player nameHegering

  5. Squad number2Player nameSimon

  6. Squad number9Player nameHuth

  7. Squad number11Player namePopp

  8. Squad number13Player nameDäbritz

  9. Squad number16Player nameDallmann

  10. Squad number7Player nameSchüller

  11. Squad number20Player nameMagull

  1. Squad number4Player nameMaier

  2. Squad number6Player nameOberdorf

  3. Squad number10Player nameMarozsán


  1. Squad number1Player nameLindahl

  2. Squad number4Player nameGlas

  3. Squad number5Player nameFischer

  4. Squad number3Player nameSembrant

  5. Squad number6Player nameEriksson

  6. Squad number23Player nameRubensson

  7. Squad number17Player nameSeger

  8. Squad number10Player nameJakobsson

  9. Squad number9Player nameAsllani

  10. Squad number18Player nameRolfö

  11. Squad number11Player nameBlackstenius

  1. Squad number13Player nameIlestedt

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