Billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer on Sunday claimed victory in convincing Americans that President Donald Trump should be impeached — despite recent polling that showed impeachment has only 40% support among voters.

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Steyer, who has now announced his presidential candidacy, Steyer said his push for impeachment is “actual democracy.”

“What we’ve been pushing for in terms of the argument that this president is corrupt, we all now know that,” he said. “This president is the most corrupt in American history and is a danger to the country and the Constitution – that argument we have won.”

“The only way to actually push this the right way is what we’ve been saying, actual democracy,” he added. “Get it on TV, let the American people see the facts and let them judge, that hasn’t happened.”

He also defended his presidential run, saying Washington insiders have failed.

“We have a broken government that has been corrupted by corporate money,” he said. “We need to push the power back to the American people, to re-take the democracy and I’ve been doing that successfully – from the outside – 10 years. The question is, if we’re going to take back this democracy, is someone going to lead it who has successfully done it from the outside, or a bunch of people from Washington, D.C.?”

Steyer, a staunch environmental activist, also said to combat the effects of climate change, society itself has to change.

“The United States needs to change as a society,” he said. “We need to do a gigantic, across-the-board investment to change how this society runs, what actually powers this society,” decrying fossil fuel companies that “dominate our politics” and “don’t let us do any of the things we need to do.”

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