EPA to begin lead cleanup at the American Legion Trailer Park site in Roseville, Ohio | U.S. EPA News Releases


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For Immediate Release: No. 19-OPA047

ROSEVILLE, OHIO (July 16, 2019) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will begin a lead soil cleanup at the American Legion Trailer Park site at 74 S. Main St., Roseville, Ohio. Tenants currently live in mobile homes at the site.  

EPA will remove the contaminated soil from the trailer park, replace it with clean fill, and restore the yards and other areas to their original conditions. EPA held a meeting with the owners and tenants of the trailer park in August 2018 to share soil sample results and provide health information.

Last September, EPA took emergency actions to cover areas of exposed soil and children’s play areas with 6 inches of mulch to reduce exposure to soil with elevated lead concentrations. Parking areas with exposed soil were covered with 3-6 inches of stone and gravel to reduce exposure until the cleanup could be completed.

To learn more about this site, visit: https://response.epa.gov/RAL.


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