The mayor of San Juan said she thinks Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló should be impeached. Carmen Yulín Cruz told CNN “the crimes committed by the governor are so horrendous.”“It is impeachment time. He’s obstinate. His mental health isn’t there. He doesn’t want to resign. It’s impeachment time,” Yulín Cruz said.As more protests are scheduled for Monday, Yulín Cruz described demonstrations as “a mood of fighting” and “a mood of ensuring that people’s voices are heard.””Hundreds of thousands of people using their voice as their most important weapon,” she said. “And there’s one and one claim only, it’s “Ricky, renuncia,” which is Ricky, you have to go!”Yulín Cruz also slammed President Donald Trump. Last week, Trump called her “a despicable and incompetent person who I wouldn’t trust under any circumstance” in a tweet. She said, “if what he’s going to do is lie, then shut up.” Yulín Cruz cited the amount of money Trump claimed to have given to Puerto Rico as an example. “We don’t want any more political direction from on high. Every time he opens his mouth it’s to send a hate tweet or to lie about Puerto Rico. In his last tweet he said that he had given Puerto Rico ninety two billion dollars. That’s not true. The numbers of his administration say it’s closer to 14.2 billion dollars. So, you know, if what he’s going to do is lie then shut up,” she said.

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