One of President Donald Trump’s frequent legal critics, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, has the president winning in the proverbial battle with former special counsel Robert Mueller.

“And, you know, you look at who’s winning now, it certainly seems like Donald Trump is winning between the two of them,” Toobin told a CNN “Newsroom” panel Wednesday.

Toobin, a CNN legal analyst who has frequently opined and provided insight on the special counsel investigation, said Mueller’s testimony Wednesday struck him on the contrasts between the two, but giving the president a victory is where his support for the president ended.

“In demeanor and approach, they could not [be more different], they’re from different planets,” Toobin said. “[Mueller] said so much less than he could have said.

“He didn’t pass judgment beyond what was precisely in the report, and as we all know from watching tweets and watching the president, they are just so different.”

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