The Trump administration fired a senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo due to her abusive management style.
Officials notified policy planning director Kiron Skinner on Thursday that she would be forced out, according to Politico. Skinner had a history of berating people and kicking them out of their offices. She twice used homophobic slurs and spread allegations that several people were having affairs.
Multiple members of Skinner’s staff had threatened to quit if she was not fired.

Skinner joined the department with a background in academia about a year ago and was most recently in charge of researching and defining long-term U.S. policy goals. Skinner’s managerial problems contributed to nearly a third of her 20-person staff leaving or changing positions during her term.
One of Skinner’s main projects involved developing a long-term strategy for U.S. relations with China.
“This is a fight with a really different civilization and a different ideology and the United States hasn’t had that before,” Skinner told an audience at a security forum on Monday.
“In China, we have an economic competitor, we have an ideological competitor, one that really does seek a global reach that many of us didn’t expect a couple of decades ago,” Skinner said.

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