Jeremy Lin has been offered more than US$3 million ($4.15 million) per year to play for the Beijing Shougang Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association, according to reports in China.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang broke the news on his Sina Weibo account and it resulted in scores of articles on websites such as Sina Sports.

The reports claim that the NBA free agent’s representatives have been in talks over the player signing for the upcoming 2019-20 CBA season.

Elsewhere, basketball writer Jia Lei wrote that he understands more than one Beijing club is in for Lin.

The Ducks are the most famous of the capital’s clubs.

Former New York Knicks player Stephon Marbury played for the Beijing Ducks from 2011-2017, winning two CBA titles with them. Marbury then played for the Beijing Fly Dragons until his retirement last year.

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He is now the coach of the newly renamed Beijing Royal Fighters.

Previous reports had linked Lin with a number of unnamed CBA sides but this is the first to name a club or report the offered salary. Lin will be able to be signed as one of each team’s foreign quota.

Lin, who is still on his Asia tour, responded to a question on whether his future lies in the NBA or CBA on Sunday.

“Nothing is official until I say something,” Lin said. There had also been reports that Lin’s camp had issued a response to the Beijing rumours with a statement claiming they had “no intention” of negotiating with a CBA team.

However, Lin himself said earlier on the tour that he was considering playing in China, where he briefly played during the 2011 NBA lockout.

The NBA free agent has been without a team since leaving Toronto Raptors earlier this summer. Reports in the US media have suggested Lin still hopes to a find a new team in the NBA ahead of the new season.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.

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