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ILI’s opening keynote speaker Yvonne Campfens has worked alongside many startups in the scholarly communications ecosystem. In her opening session at ILI on Tuesday 15 October, she will encourage delegates to accelerate innovation through collaboration across information sectors.

“I believe that there is no industry that will not be affected by the internet and business model challenges,” explains Yvonne. “It has been and is happening everywhere. The big unknown is when the changes will really hit and hurt. And the really interesting question is: what will you do?”

Yvonne believes that every organisation needs the ability to act and adapt fast. “From my market research, I know there is a lot of innovation led by autonomous new players, including startups.  These startups can be the key to dealing with changes in customers, markets or  technology. The idea, as described in the book Corporate Venturing, is to build your ecosystem of value by investing in a ‘smart fleet’. This is a metaphor for a powerful concept … Sticking to nautical terminology: upgrade your mothership and, at the same time, build collaboration with agile speedboats. It’s not either/or: the strength lies in doing both.”

Day 2 of ILI will feature a keynote from Kajal Odedra, Executive Director of and author of the new book Do Something: Activism for Everyone. In her talk ‘Harnessing the power of community’, Kajal will talk about engaging hearts and minds and the power of communities to bring about collaborative change.

The ILI conference programme features over 70 speakers. The emphasis is on case studies, providing insight, inspiration, and ideas for information professionals from every type of library setting and from all over the world.

Internet Librarian International (ILI) will take place at Olympia, London on 15–16 October, with workshops on 14 October.

ILI’s Early Bird rates are available until 13 September , and there is a range of ticket options and discounts to choose from. More information and sign up here:

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